15 June 2017 – Newsletter


Dear Parents

Devastating Fires in the Eastern Cape

Thank you to all those parents who donated items for those most affected by the recent fires in and around Knysna, in the Eastern Cape. All goods received will be packaged and sent to the designated collection points. DHL has offered their services to transport these goods to the relevant areas and people in the Eastern Cape.

Parent Support Group Meeting

The Parent Group Support meeting which took place last night, once again covered the all- important topic of anxiety in children.
Some important parent responses:

Pay attention to your child’s feelings, don’t tease, mock or criticise. Stay calm when your child becomes anxious about a situation or event. Recognise and praise small accomplishments.
Don’t punish mistakes or lack of progress.
Be flexible and try to maintain a normal routine.
Modify expectations during stressful periods.
Plan for transitions.
Encourage bravery.

Father’s Day

Happy Father‟s Day to all our Japari Dads and Grandpas!!!!! Children, Sunday 18 June is Father‟s Day, when you need to spoil your Dad!!!! What do Dads like?

Yelling at the TV
That certain chair
His inventions
Reading maps
Teaching you things
That very specific dance he does His hats and shirts

Trying to fix things he may not be qualified to do. Rescuing you……even if it’s from himself
Making up new, semi- dangerous games Embarrassing you in the way only dad could Being overprotective

Stories from his days as an athlete
His own brand of inappropriate humour. Being REALLY,REALLY PROUD OF YOU.

To all our Dads…….Dad, to the world you are just one man, but to me you are the world.

Steve Rees



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